About us

We make well designed products, with a higher quality for a more competitive price


LUCIO is a  innovative brand for professional lighting. LUCIO was founded in June 2008 by three partners who together have more than 42 years of experience in the lighting. 

We reduce the running cost of a lighting application to the minimum. LUCIO offers products with a high design value for a competitive price. Our products are energy efficient, durable and easy to recycle. LUCIO enables a maximum of cost savings throughout the whole product life cycle.

LUCIO’s knowledge of the use of materials, technology, heat management and processing are brought together in a timeless shape, making our products last longer. This is how we reduce the replacement costs of fixtures 

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We create tools to design spaces with light At LUCIO we look at design in a broader 

perspective. Light influences every aspect of the environment we live in. 

LUCIO uses light to create different atmospheres for different purposes. 

Our lighting solutions create an inviting and motivating atmosphere for retail 


LUCIO products blend into the architecture enrich the environment and enhance our impression of a space. Our design approach is based on longevity: our products have a timeless shape and therefore last longer.

Our Team


We offer smart, green solutions to our customers. At LUCIO we believe that a healthy environment and sustainable management are important. The products of LUCIO are designed using durable and materials that are easy to recycle, equipped with the latest 

energy efficient technology.

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