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lucio products

We offer well designed products and smart lighting application that are energy efficient, durable and easy to recycle for competitive price. 

By using high quality materials, advanced technology, controlled heat management, and optimal processing our products have a long lifespan while running and replacement cost are reduced to a minimum.

At    LUCIO   we think light.

project GALLERY

Lucio products are used in a verity of applications from schools, universities, offices, residential, airports, warehouses, landscape, facade lighting etc. In this section you can find a random overview of the different projects done in the last period. 

At   LUCIO  we think light.



LUCIO offers products with a high design value for a competitive price. Our products are energy efficient, durable and easy to recycle. LUCIO enables a maximum of cost savings throughout the whole product life cycle. LUCIO’s knowledge of the use of materials, technology, heat management and processing are brought together in a timeless shape, making our products last longer. This is how we reduce the replacement costs of fixtures.  ... and the world at large. 

( > sustainability) We offer smart, green solutions to our customers. At LUCIO we believe that a healthy environment and sustainable management are important. The products of LUCIO are designed using durable and materials that are easy to recycle, equipped with the latest energy efficient technology.

At   LUCIO  we think light.


In 2008 Franco Clivio, a product designer who studied at the college of design (Hochschule fur Gestaltung) in Ulm. HIs work for companies such as ERCO, FSB, Gardena, Rodenstock and Siemens has won multiple awards. Both as a designer and his many years as lecturer in Zurich, has designed Lucio products like S1, D1 and G1 product ranges. With his design lucio won projects for: Marco Polo, Hugo Boss, Ferrari, Ermenegildo Zegna, Alfa Romeo, Kohlershowroom

At    LUCIO   we think light.