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Lucio branding to be printed in the pcb, Chip-Cree J Series 2835-3V LEDs,Stainless Steel + Poly Carbonate, Body Colour-Chrome, ,CRI>80,Other Notes-1.Lens guarantee - 20 years without objectionable discoloration( eg. Yellowing , opaque & etc)., 2. Provide all recessed fixtures with gaskets of rubber, fibreglass, or equivalent material to prevent light leaks around flush trim 3. Driver Minimum efficiency: 95 percent., Anti FlickeringAnti Flickering 4.Diffusers: All hinges shall be concealed and with an invisible latching span greater than or equal to 70% (L70) greater/equal 50,000 hours. 6.Emergency Battery retaining power percentage is 560mAh (approx 20%) remained after 3 hours, can be used another 40~45 minutes. Charging hour - 16 Hrs 7.MacAdam Step <3